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 Option #1 – IIC will come to your site and digitally map out the location of each zone, controller location, backflow device, and shut off device. The map will be uploaded so your staff can access the information from anywhere by any mobile or tablet device. Have the information you need in real time from anywhere.

Option #2 – IIC will provide you with maps for each of your areas so your irrigation techs can note the location of each site. IIC will then input this data into a digital format so you will have the same access as option #1 at a much lower cost.

Option #3 – IIC will teach your designated staff how to digitally map out locations so you can handle any future sites or need to save on funds for the year. Gain knowledge at an affordable price. 


Have you wondered where your equipment is?

What is actually installed on your property and where? Struggled with sending an irrigation technician to a new site with no knowledge where the controller or shut off valves are? IIC has solutions for you by offering three types of mapping options.