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Monitoring / Setup


Why hire or add more duties to an already busy employee? IIC can monitor your central irrigation system. IIC will send you alerts of issues found by your central irrigation controllers for a fraction of the cost. Have that peace of mind knowing someone is watching your system for you. IIC has daily, weekly, and monthly monitoring options which give you the flexibility to decide what fits in your budget. 

Site Setup

Poor IT setup of the program is one of the main reasons a central irrigation system fails to save the anticipated water. We all know installing valves, piping, and wiring are easier work than sitting in front of a computer screen inputting data and setting up schedules. Most installers do not know the proper way to program a system to maximize water conservation. IIC has the experts to be able to handle the IT challenge. IIC will provide you with peace of mind knowing that your program is set for peak performance with options including site analyzing, zone types, distribution types, and PR rates.